Progress towards Building Better Men

Writen by Br. Ian Wakely -mtu14

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Building up the Chapter Endowment Fund by building better men.

Last year, the Chapter was awarded first place and received $100,000 for the Chapter Endowment Fund through the Judy and Larry Garatoni Building Better Men Program. This year, the Chapter was awarded with the second place prize of an additional $25,000 for the Chapter Endowment Fund. Part of the rules of the program prevent you from winning the same place multiple times over the course of 3 year program.

The Building Better Men Program originally consisted of a 3 year competition to encourage good chapter growth and establish permanent improvements onto the chapters who enter. Judy and Larry Garatoni (pur58) approached the Triangle Education Foundation with the idea for the program and funding for the prizes. If a chapter did win any prize money, they were required to then continue to grow through their efforts to make sure that the changes to that chapter would be everlasting.

Program Focus Areas

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The judges will evaluate each applicate on a number of different criteria, and it is the job of each Chapter to accurately describe their efforts in each of the categories. These aspects of a Chapter of Triangle have been identified to ensure the longevity of the chapter.

  • Scholarship: Shown by a commitment to academic success through high academic standards and consistent improvement.
  • Leadership: Shown by high involvement in both on and off campus organizations.
  • Diligence: Shown through a commitment to marketing the strengths and benefits of Triangle to ensure chapter growth and retention.
  • Citizenship: Shown through a commitment to philanthropy and service to the National Organization or campus/community in an effort to alleviate critical issues in society.
  • Character: Exhibited by the behavior of active and new members through the education and support around current issues and trends facing fraternity members and college students