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Major events for Triangle Fraternity at Michigan Technological University

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    You became a Husky!

    You recently decided to start college at Michigan Technological University pursuing a degree in engineering, mathematics, or the sciences. You’re starting to look into other organizations and clubs on campus, even looking into Greek Life at Michigan Tech.

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    Extra Life

    March, 2017

    Triangle Fraternity hosts the very first Extra Life at Michigan Tech. Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

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    Pi-Mile for Charity

    September, 2013

    Triangle Fraternity hosts the very first Pi-Mile for Charity. The Pi-Mile is an annual 5k (3.14 mile) walk/run that starts and ends in the middle of campus.

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    Re-Chartering of the Michigan Tech Chapter

    April 14, 2012

    After four years of hard work and recruitment, the National Council once again grants Triangle Fraternity at Michigan Tech the full rights and privileges of a Chapter. The members are energized and ready to go out and do great things for the Fraternity, the University, and the Community.

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    Re-Colonization at Michigan Technological University

    October, 2008

    After a number of years inactive, the National fraternity once again established a Colony at Michigan Tech with the recruitment and Initiation of the Alpha Pi class.

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    Chartering of the Michigan Tech Chapter

    April 16, 1988

    The hard work of the Brothers has finally paid off. The men who have joined the Colony have proven themselves and the group at Michigan Tech, and shared the values of Triangle with others. The group becomes a fully incorporated Chapter of Triangle Fraternity.

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    Colonization at Michigan Technological University


    An interest group was recently formed to try and see if a Chapter of Triangle can be started. The National Council transformed this interest group into a Colony of Triangle Fraternity, and they begin their journey to becoming a Chapter of Triangle.

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    Our Humble Beginnings

    April 15, 1907

    16 students studying Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois decided to form a club during their senior year of college. This close group of friends laid a foundation for the values-based brotherhood known as Triangle Fraternity.

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