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Welcome back! Our actives are doing a lot of amazing stuff and we want to use this site to share with you all of those great things! The alumni meet via a Google Hangout/Conference call the second Sunday of every month at 9pm. Email our alumni secretary Alex Ott (ajott@mtu.edu) if you would like to get the reminder emails with more information!

Here are the latest newsletters from the Active Chapter:

Spring 2015 Fall 2014 Spring 2014 Fall 2013 Fall 2012 Fall 2011 If you would like to help support the actives, you can click Here to see the current items the actives need. Additionally, you can join our annual supporters club*!

Funds raised through donations to the Alumni organization are held either in a PayPal account, or in our business checking bank account. The most common reasons for disbursement of funds are:

  • Reimbursement of pledge fees for Dean’s List achievers
  • Equipment for Winter Carnival statue building
  • Travel assistance to regional and national events
  • Registration “dues” to the National Organization to retain Alumni Organization status

In the past, we have also given contracted personal loans to Actives in dire need of financial assistance.


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The alumni board is always looking for more people to help us support the actives. You have time, please drop us a line and we can get you involved very quickly!

Alumni Board

While the Alumni Board is comprised of specific positions, we encourage any and everyone to be active within the alumni group. Even if you can only spare a few minutes of your time, we could always use it! Please contact Alex Ott (ajott@mtu.edu) to get on our alumni eboard email list.


President: Wilmer Lidke (wblidke@mtu.edu) 



Treasurer: Troy Bouman mtu09 (tmbouman@mtu.edu)

XGTNE9b - Imgur

I graduated from Tech in 2012 after 5 awesome years. During my time as an active I was the VP of New Member Education and Treasurer!


Secretary: Alex Ott mtu11 (ajott@mtu.edu)

Ott Photo

I graduated from Michigan Tech in 2016 with a BS in Engineering Management, after 4 years as an active and 1 year as an alumnus. I served in a number of positions, including VP of Member Development and as the Alumni Relations Chair.


Committees are established to better serve the Alumni and Active Organizations. While there may be any number of provisional committees at any time, two committees in particular are intended to provide long-term and in-depth support to the Fraternity.

Housing Committee
Chair: Jeff Kellogg mtu12 (jkellogg@mtu.edu)


Jeff joined Triangle in the spring of 2012, and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He now works in Charles City, IA.

Jeff volunteered to head the Housing Committee, citing prior experience with homeownership. If you would like to get involved with this committee, please contact Jeff.


Member Development Committee
Chair: Mike Spenle mtu13 (mdspenle@mtu.edu)


Mike joined Triangle in the spring of 2013, and has been very involved since then. He currently lives and works in the Ann Arbor area.

If you would like to get involved with this committee, please contact Mike.

Alumni Map

Our alumni live and work all across the United States – the map above shows in which cities.


Old Pictures – Email Troy (tmbouman@mtu.edu) if you have more!